A Cornucopia of Sprouts


These are some broccoli sprouts I have learned to grow! They’re pretty tasty and producing them in jars makes them easy to transport and fun to grow. Just the thought of being able to make some of my own super health vegetables in jars at home was intriguing, so I decided to head off to a few stops to get some equipment.

My first stop was at a local grocery store that focuses on organic or better raised ingredients to purchase a bag of broccoli sprouting seeds! I am not sure if there will be a difference between organic vs non-organic seeds and tried to do some research. The word on the street is that non-organic seeds may carry a higher risk of infection. Although sprouts are great for you, they carry a higher risk of food-borne illnesses, much like other fresh produce that is consumed raw or lightly cooked!

My second stop was at the infamous hardware/everythingware store, Canadian Tire! This was to purchase some wide mouth mason jars, and cheesecloth.

That is pretty much all you need to start your own army of sprouts.

YOUR FIRST BATCH OF SPROUTS! How I made it work for me:

Rinse and then soak the seeds for about 2-3 hours: this gives a helping hand to the seeds, making them grow a little faster. Make sure you always store the sprouting seeds in a dark area. I leave mine in a kitchen cabinet!

Strain It And Leave It: I replace the regular caps of the Mason Jars with cheesecloth so I can easily add water and strain the sprouting seeds everyday. Each day, take the seeds out of the cabinet, add water, and then strain the water out through the cheese cloth. You could call this “rinsing”. Rinse the seeds once or twice a day so they do not dry out.

Repeat the rinsing process for about 3-5 days and soon enough, these jars of sprouts can be turned into delicious bottled salads, or added into shakes and meals.

Tip: leave the jars by a window so they absorb some sunlight. They’ll turn green! I’m not sure if this affects the nutrient level of sprouts but it does make them look a lot more delicious.

Eating Tip: replace the makeshift cheesecloth strainer lid with the regular lid. You can now add your favorite salad dressing, nuts and seeds into the jar as an accompaniment to your lunch or dinner.




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